Custom Built Homes and Home Renovations

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Let’s get to know each other! Show us examples of what you like using pictures. Let us get a chance to understand what your style and needs are so we can guide you into the perfect home. We also provide you with our Building Proposal, this outlines our fees and scope of work.

Land Acquisition

We can work with existing property or help you to find the perfect piece of land in the right location.

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Design & Pre-construction

1. Design

Our emphasis is always on original design, innovative construction and impeccable craftsmanship. We employ some of the best architects, engineers and designers to ensure the success of every project from beginning to end.

2. Budget

An initial budget is created to help establish what we can spend and where we can spend it. We use this as a guideline though out the design stage.

3. Permits

We facilitate the permitting process to ensure a speedy approval time.

4. Interior design

We team you up with the interior designer that best understands you, knows the correct questions to ask and helps materialize your inspiration.

5. Final Pricing

Sign off after all interior and exterior finishes have been selected and we lock in the budget. Contracts we enter into our Construction Agreement.


1. Breaking Ground

Now the fun begins, let’s start construction.

2. Excavation/Foundation

Depending on the time of year this takes from 2-6 weeks.

3. Framing

Watch your home take shape as our in house crews put your home together stick by stick.

4. Framing Walk Through

Now’s the chance to walk through the home. We take this time to ensure every detail has been considered and works in each space. If there are any revisions, we do this now.

5. Home Infrastructure

We walk through the home and layout all the infrastructure.

6. Exterior Finish

After all rough-ins and inspections are done, we start the exterior.

7. Insulation/Paint

This process usually takes 4 weeks. It’s amazing watching your home transform! After it’s dry-walled you really get a good sense of the space.

8. Concrete/Landscaping

Concrete walks and driveways go in first than all the landscaping.

Possession & Walk-through

1. Pre-Possession

This walk through is where the homeowner and builder log any deficiencies. It is also the time when the builder shows all the many aspects of the home and how to use them.

2. Client Possession

This walk through reviews the deficient items and note that they have been completed and signed off on. Then we hand you the keys to your new home!

Post Possession

There are 3 scheduled days in the year for any defects to be repaired. 3 month, 6 month and the 1 year mark.

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